Open Data MeetUp in Vienna – 3 years OGD in Austria

The Austria Open Data Movement started 3 years ago, which gives us a good enough reason to celebrate this anniversary next week on April 17th in Vienna! Rufus Pollock, an early supporter of Open Data in Austria and co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation, will speak about Past-Present-Future of Open Data in the international context. The situation – again Past-Present-Future – in Austria will be the topic of a speech delivered by Peter Parycek.

OKFN Austria hopes this event, which is free to attend, will attract the local scene that has been engaged since the early days. It is meant as a get-together for free discussion on past achievements and future challenges. The MeetUp is also meant to be a colloquial, friendly environment to meet and have fun!

A recent achievement for the Vienna Open Data activists is a recent petition started by Robert Harm to get Wiener Linien, the local public transport company, to open up their data for interesting and useful apps. So far, Wiener Linien only offer their own app and don’t allow their data to be used and combined with other relevant data. The petition was very successful and has been instrumental in getting Wiener Linien to pledge to open their data by summer 2013!

If you are in Vienna on April 17th, join us – I will be there! Registration is free!

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