Energy Hackathon 2013 in Helsinki

I am sharing news of an interesting event with you guys: The Energy Hackathon 2013 in Helsinki, Finland – I will also be there as a mentor for the hackathon and think it is a great occasion for us to promote the idea that access to open data is a crucial enabler to accelerate clean energy uptake and to tackle climate change. The Energy Hackathon will also be the kick-off event for the OKF Finland Open Sustainability Working Group.

The event invites researchers, designers, coders, journalists and open knowledge activists to spend a day together to develop new ideas and prototypes of applications that utilize energy data. The focus of the hackathon is on open data – data that is available for anyone to access, modify and distribute. In addition to exploring openly available data sets, the hackathon will also collect example data sets of energy information that is currently not yet accessible for application developers (such as consumers’ energy consumption data).

Ambitious goals have been set to reduce the global energy consumption during the upcoming years. We currently gravely lag behind in the process to reach these goals and surprisingly enough, despite all the public attention this issue has received, we don’t even have proper access to essential information about energy consumption and production. This information either arrives too late, has not been processed to an understandable format or is simply kept secret. It’s time for us to change this!

The participants, and other interested parties, are welcome to suggest ideas for challenges to be taken up at the hackathon, either via the sign-up form or via the themes / data sets / ideas Etherpad page. The focus will be local but global ideas will also be considered – a lot depends on the type of data that we will have available there.

The organizer, and we at REEEP, hope that this hackathon and similar events will connect people sharing interest and vision in this topic and in turn lead to more energy information be available as open data.

Registration is still open and free – here.

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