Energy Hackathon Helsinki – short review

I have spend most of last week in Finland’s lovely capital, Helsinki.

My main reason to visit was to attend and present our work at the Energy Hackathon. This event was staged at the Aalto University’s Media Lab and drew together a pretty wide range of interesting people. Backgrounds included developers, energy companies, journalists and students.

Chris Davies, Julia Kloiber, the local energy company and myself  kept our presentations short to leave enough time for some hands-on activity. The day concluded with 8 energy-relevant concepts being developed and showcased. I was part of a jury of three, and the selected winners of the day were: lightbulb.gif

1. Smart saver (winner)
Smart saver is a real-time billing optimizer for consumers that are interested to lower their electricity bill. The concept is based on the current market anomaly where consumers typically choose fixed electricity price contracts instead of market based Nordpool spot pricing.
2. Race to reduce (2nd place)
A fun way to challenge your friends to a Facebook competition – who saves most energy and uses the excess power to travel on a map?
3. CrowdREsourcing (3rd place)
 CrowdREsourcing gathers consumers that are interested in investing to renewable energy together. Interest and the owned assets are declared on an online-service. The service forms clusters of potential investors according to their matching resources after which an initial proposal for a possible project are presented to the cluster.
More information on the results can be found here.
I was really impressed with the quality of ideas!
The next couple of days included a tight schedule of another presentation and a roundtable discussion at Sitra as well as meeting some more interesting people to discuss their viewpoints and experience on open data and clean energy.
I have learnt about a few new interesting ongoing projects that I will take time to tell you about next time!

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