REEEP Annual Report 2012-13 is availiable!

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership: REEEP’s brand-new Annual Report gives a concise overview of the Partnership’s achievements during the period from1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013.  This was a year of transformation, in which a new positioning was adopted, and in which personnel, systems and activities were aligned to deliver on the new strategy.

REEEP has concentrated on three types of services over the last year:Wind Energy

  • Project Call Facility, to identify successful business models and derive an understanding of critical success factors – for investors and for policy-makers to investigate to help take on the next level.
  • Bringing private investment to increase energy access, by cooperating with a partner to attract private funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries. This is an essential component for change towards clean energy with up-scaling successful business models.
  •  IT knowledge as a market accelerator. REEEP runs clean energy information portal, including this blog.  Beyond that, we believe  that opening up and linking data will be a crucial enabler for sustainable development and growth.

Download the annual report and read more about these three important areas of activity, information on REEEP’s vision for the future and some concrete examples of how and where REEEP makes a difference.


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