Beautiful brand-new visual based on open data – recommended!

I just came across a brand-new visualization of all that confusing data about emission targets, effects of global warming, rising temperatures.

All based on open data, this infographic really manages to get down to the core by putting tons of research together and condensing them into a single diagram.

Information is Beautiful on Doha and carbon emissions gives you all the relevant info on CO2, such as how much have we released already and how much more can we release while preserving livable habitats for future generations.  You will also find the type of extreme climate scenarios we may face if we don’t manage to reach certain targets – well as I said an awful lot of data yet presented in such a accessible way!

Another cool thing about this is that all the actual data is ready for you in a google spreadsheet – and if you feel inspired to bring out a certain aspect of what you see you may just go right ahead!

On the other hand I know I shouldn’t get too carried away about the beautiful visual nor even the fact that it’s open data, because in fact what this information brings across so well is disturbing. We will lose species even in the “save scenarios”, as well as crops. Extreme weather events will make life in many parts of the world more difficult, and hurricanes become an even more recurrent situation to deal with. And like I said, that’s not even the “business as usual”, the “worst case” scenario.

Check out this infographic and more interesting stuff covering lots of (unexpected) topics by  “Information is beautiful“.

How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide? The Information is Beautiful guide to Doha (


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