Nuru Energy donates solar lights for Northern India

Over a month ago, India was hit hard by flash floods with devastating effects. The pictures of water all over the place went around the world and pushed the Himalaya State Uttarakhand into the headlines for a brief moment.  1,000 people died, and 6,000 have gone missing and even though the images disappeared from our media screens, the devastation is still there. And for some, the time to clean up the mess has come.

For this reason, REEEP‘s partner from Nuru Energy donated 55 solar lights to two NGOs, which are dealing with the aftermath of the devastating floods. It’s a little gesture to ease the hard work of both organizations, but we believe it’s a gesture that hits the bull’s eye.


Both organizations, Goonj and SEEDS, are heavily engaged in relief and rehabilitation efforts and have a broad experience in humanitarian aid. Nuru Energy contributed their Nuru lights with a ‘snap-on’ solar charger. This way the light can be used in various ways, but for both organizations it was most important to be able to use it as a head lamp – since both hands are kept free. The Nuru Light Smart is an efficient, versatile and rugged solar-powered LED task-light.

Their lights are designed to be used in a number of ways, ranging from indoors and outdoors like walking and cycling to working and studying. They are designed for the Indian market and target the poorest of the poor so they can move away from unhealthy and costly methods of light.

Check out Nuru products:



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