GVEP participates in the national Alliance’s strategic meeting to strengthen Ugandan cookstove market

Key stakeholders of the Uganda National Alliance for Clean Cooking (UNACC) met for a two day retreat to consolidate objectives and execute plans to increase distribution channels and improve the country’s development of the cookstove market.

Representatives from the clean cookstoves, fuels and the wider renewable energy sectors, forming part of the National Alliance’s National Executive Committee (NEC), met on 20-21 February in Uganda to approve the first year’s operational action plan. The two day event is the first of its kind since the UNACC has affirmed its role as national co-ordinator of the clean cookstove sector in Uganda.

Discussions were held on forming new partnerships and joint ventures for resource mobilization; standards, testing and product development; market development and communication. Members deliberated on the most appropriate ways to secure further public and private engagement and presentations were given on internal structures and processes of the represented organisations.fire.gif

GVEP International is recognized as an important development partner in the renewable energy sector and a leader on project delivery. Having recruited hundreds of energy entrepreneurs in programmes focussing on developing sustainable value chains in order to benefit both cookstove suppliers and retailers, as well as guaranteeing access to modern, affordable and clean renewable energy for millions of people. It is on this basis that GVEP was approached to share their expertise in setting up the National Alliance.

Joel Essien, an SME advisor representing GVEP at the meeting speaks of the expected outcomes from the collaboration: “Over the course of the year I hope to see GVEP further strengthen its leverage in the national cookstove sector and also continue to contribute positively as the lead on the distribution and market development task force, for the advantage of the entrepreneurs we support. This will involve close interactions with our strategic partners in the region,” explained Mr Essien.small_cloud.gif

Currently, in Uganda, GVEP is working to establish distribution channels for improved cookstove businesses – hence enabling the products to reach new and underserved areas of Uganda. Engaging with UNACC as a leading strategic partner, will enable GVEP to extend this reach and create new synergies across the country.

GVEP is also one of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves’ most active partners throughout Africa, and was among the first recipients of its annual Spark Fund award, designed to help businesses enhance capacity and reach scale.

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