All eyes on Lima

The COP20 closed its doors today for good, paving the way for Paris 2015. Negotiators and climate change activists are returning to their homes to carry on the decisions made at in Lima. In the meantime, PowerMundo, one of our project partners, is chasing the ambitious goal to provide sustainable lighting to the most rural, and remote off-grid areas of Peru. While at the COP REEEP’s Director General, Martin Hiller, visited with PowerMundo the outskirts of Lima to see the effects and benefits they bring to these people.

In the last 1.5 years during our partnership with PowerMundo, they managed to serve over 20,000 people providing access to energy. More than 4,000 cleantech solar-powered products were sold. The end-users are said to save more than $3 million on energy and obtain 27 million hours of improved light for study.

We would like to share some impressions of that trip with you:



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