Book Review: Springer „Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation“

During the last weeks, we had a closer look at the ‘Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation’ published by Walter Leal Filho at Springer.

Springer Handbook of CCAThe Handbook is the ambitious equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica on Climate Change and Global Warming with the simple goal to provide a comprehensive overview of how to handle climate change – and as such it doesn’t disappoint. The Handbook that contains of three volumes, goes along with another Handbook, the ‘Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation’.

The Handbook addresses – according to the editor – ‘the scientific, social, political and cultural aspects of climate change in an integrated and coherent way’. A statement we can only confirm, as the Handbook proved to be useful for me.

The books structure helps you to navigate from understanding the ‘multi-model framework for climate change impact assessment’   (chapter 2), as well as understanding the basic concepts of ‘climate change’ (chapter 7), up to learning more about the ‘Water, Food, and Energy Nexus in South Asia: Implications for Adaption to Climate Change’ (chapter 59) – and many more topics.

100 chapters are not easy and quickly to read, and yet the Handbook provides you with the one go-to place to find your most burning questions answered quickly. The high number of case studies enables the demonstration of practical implications of the theory. All in all, this has been a highly informative read and I strongly recommend this for everyone who wants to dig deeper into all various aspects of Climate Change Adaptation.