Wind could produce one-fourth of EU’s electricity by 2030

Currently, less than 4 percent of the EU’s electricity consumption is met by wind power, but the wind has potential to meet 28 percent of the demand by 2030, according to the European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWind). In its Strategic Research Agenda TPWind presents a vision in which wind energy covers 12-14 percent of the EU’s electricity consumption by 2020, with a total installed capacity of 180 gigawatts.

By 2030, this could be increased to 300 gigawatts. Final focus will be strengthening European wind power exports. Fulfilling this vision will be a major industrial and technological challenge, and it requires both policy-makers and sector players implement strategic action in technology and policy research.

G8 agreed on halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

The Group of Eight countries want to work with the nearly 200 states involved in U.N. climate change talks to adopt a goal of at least halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to a draft communique obtained by Reuters ahead of its formal approval. Mid-term goals also would be needed to achieve the shared goal for 2050. The statement puts the focus of fighting global warming on U.N.-led talks. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the deal represented a “new, shared vision” and kept negotiations on track for a global deal in 2009. The G8 would also unveil a series of measures to help Africa and would give USD 50 billion extra in aid by 2010.