REEEP events at WIREC

WIREC seems to be the biggest and the largest edition so far and good to see that ACORE and Mike Eckhart who are part of the REEEP regional secretariat for Latin America are playing a key role. I remember Mike investing considerable amounts of time during the formative stages of ACORE (then ACRE) and good to see the pay back.  The role of REEEP in the regional consultations and usefulness of reegle as a knowledge management tool were acknowledged several times by US Government and other agencies.

The REEEP side event was well attended and the Irish Minister made the key note speech, highlighting and supporting the REEEP programmes and how they were important to Ireland. The Norwegian government representative Eva Paaske provided the background about the Norwegian support to REEEP and the importance of REEEP. Griff Thompson ably moderated the session where the REEEP secretariats presented the outcomes from regional consultations – Amy, Amanda , Mark and Chuck made presentations on the consultation outcomes. Interesting to see the similarities of needs across the regions. Chuck does a good job at facilitation and has a future if he decides to become a talk show host! It was a good event and all the effort in planning and coordination put in by John was evident.

The wednesday’s session on national and subnational partnerships had a presentation from Marianne highlighting the REEEP experience and perspectives and drawing upon some REEEP projects such as WGA’s effort on clean and diversified energy. There were other interesting presentations in the session from Intel, EPA etc. Paul Suding of Ren21 moderated and summaried well. Sorry to hear that Paul was leaving Ren21 bacause of personal reasons. I wish him well.

The meeting of parties was hosted at the Australian Embassy and was well attended. It would hve been good if Morgn was able to attend. Henry chaired his last meeting as the GB chair but will continue as a member representing IETA. Henry was an able administrator and a brilliant strategist. We will miss his guidance.

The South African minister presented the conclusions from the regional consultations in the concluding plenary which was received very well. All the copies of the report vanished from the desk within minutes after the speech.  The minister also expressed keenness for her government to work with REEEP. Something to consider for the next programme cycle.

Several meetings on the sidelines with project implementing organisations, WADE, WRI, UNF, GVEP etc. and several interesting suggestions about future REEEP work.

Some intersting pledges from WIREC

During the day (Wednesday) more than 80 pledges were collected.

I just want to show you some highlights:


  • Renewables to account for 20% of the electricity supply in 2020
  • Implement a national Renewable Energy Target scheme that includes a legislated annual target of 45,000 gigawatt-hours in 2020

Council of European Union:

  • A minimum of a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 compared to 1990 levels
  • 20% share of renewable energies in final energy consumption by 2020
  • 10% minimum target for the share of biofuels in overall transport petrol and diesel consumption by 2020

German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology:

  • Facilitate the feed of biogas from domestically produced biomass into the natural gas network
  • By 2030 Germany can develop biogas potential equivalent to 10% of the current consumption of natural gas; 6% is to be achieved by 2020
  • The ordinance will specify the duty to connect biogas plants to the natural gas network and expand the existing prioritization rules for biogas feed-in


  • Attain carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Increase support for clean energy in developing countries by NOK 400 million in 2008
  • Establish energy R&D strategy (Energy21)
  • Reach new national combined target for renewable energy and energy efficiency: 30 TWh increased annual production from 2001 to 2016

You can have a look on all the highlights here.

President Bush @ WIREC

Day two of the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference began with a visit from President Bush, who toured the trade show floor before speaking at the ministerial.
There he pointed out the U.S. strategy for reducing oil use in America, and discussed current initiatives to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use. He also called for an international agreement to slow, stop, and reverse the growth of greenhouse gases and he announced the U.S. commitment of $2 billion over the next three years to create an international clean energy technology fund (to help developing countries finance renewable energy projects).

You can read the full speech here.

reegle Video

Today is the first day of the WIREC 2008. We will start with the exhibition at noon. Some last minute changes: The REEEP booth has moved to Nr. 135 on top right corner of the hall. The reegle both is in the German Pavillion (see new Floorplan)

WIREC 2008 Floorplan

As a short teaser, what you can see at WIREC I added you our reegle video … enjoy it


REEEP Side Event @ WIREC

I just wanted to inform you about an interesting side-event at WIREC 2008:

Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies

Organized by: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) with American Council for Renewable Energy (ACORE); Alliance to Save Energy (ASE); US Department of State (link); Environment Canada (link)
Date: 4 March 2008, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Venue: The Washington Convention Centre, Room: 156

One must be a registered participant at WIREC to be admitted to the side event. Please see for more information.

Description (partly taken from
At the request of the US State Department, the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) has carried out regional consultation meetings in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Southern Africa. The consultations, with regional RE companies, energy utilities, financial institutions, regulators, NGO s and consumers, have assessed how national governments can help to accelerate the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies within their regions, focusing on the following areas:

  • Agriculture and Rural and economic development
  • Technology, Research and Development
  • Finance and investment
  • Commercialisation

Within these areas, the consultation process has focussed on understanding:

  • What drives current successful investments in RE
  • What policy tools and business models underlie successful RE investments
  • What problems does the current policy and business environment present to potential RE investors/project developers

The outputs of the REEEP regional meetings/consultations are contained in a report which provides a clear assessment of the status and opportunities for renewable energy systems, and provide direct suggestions on how national governments and the international framework can help to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy systems within their regions. The report, which will be the focus of the proposed side event, provides a clear and specific regional message on what is currently working, what is not working, and what is needed for renewable energy systems to be developed, attract investment and be deployed in the delivery of sustainable energy services for development and environmental stewardship.

You can download the Agenda here

I would be very happy to see many people there and I am looking forward to interesting discussions with the representatives of the REEEP regional secretariats of North America, South East Asia, Southern Africa and Latin America.

reegle @ WIREC 2008

I am sure you know that one of the largest conferences on Renewable Energy will take place next week (3.2.2008 – 6.2.2008) in Washington DC.

I will be there and present reegle at the WIREC exhibition (Booth: 220 – German Pavilion – BMU). If you want to talk to me about reegle it would be a pleasure for me to meet you there. See attached image to see where the REEEP booth and reegle can be found.

Where can I find REEEP and reegle on WIREC

I am really looking forward to this exhibition …. hope to see you and have a talk about reegle

New reegle features will be launched soon

A short update from the reegle product-management:

  • We just finished the work on the the reegle – WIREC search and it will go online soon. This page will be dedicated to the Washington International Renewable Conference 2008 and will provide a customised search on Best Practices als well as links to several very interesting other sites. reegle will act as the main-source for finding all the Best Practices about Renewables at WIREC.
  • We will update our categorisation system soon. The reegle categories will be adopted to better fulfill the needs of our users. Thank you for all the feedback we got on the old categories, this was very important for us and we tried to design the new categories to make it as user-friendly as possible
  • A new feature will be launched soon: A site-suggestion system. If you know a site that should be in our reegle-index, just submit it through this tool and our experts will review it and add it to the reegle-sources if it is a high quality source