now availiable as mobile application

Why this may be news for some of our readers, we have actually had a fully working mobile version of for the last couple of weeks. Considering that a large share of our users come from developing countries, and access by their phones, this seemed like a natural step for us.

Making this service available for you meant we had to consider the entire offer of  and cut out whatever doesn’t really work well on the small screen – or, in other cases, adapt our content and design accordingly. Continue reading “ now availiable as mobile application”

Thoughts on Linked Open Data following REEEP/NREL Washington D.C. LOD workshop

My favourite thing about being REEEP’s Community Facilitator is the people I get to meet – intelligent, concerned people working across a diverse range of issues, in all types of organisation from small NGOs to enormous International Organisations and governments. The kind of committed people who give up their Federal holiday to attend a workshop on the potential of Linked Open Data (LOD) to support the transition to a clean energy system. That’s exactly what happened last week when, as Denise Recheis reported in the previous post, REEEP and NREL ran a LOD for clean energy workshop in Washington D.C.

REEEP workshops and seminars are always interactive so there’s plenty of chance to hear from all participants. We were particularly excited that Bernadette Hyland, CEO of 3 Round Stones and a pioneer in semantic web technologies, came along. She concluded at the end of the workshop: “It was really exciting to see the first workshop dubbed as a ‘Linked Open Data’ only workshop in DC (and I follow these things!).  I commend you for organizing such a useful program, format, venue and the nice ‘take aways’ for the workshop. Thank you.

My second favourite thing is that I get to learn so much. As I said to the participants, I’m not an expert in LOD – address

Jon gets technical

your questions to Florian, Denise or Jon Weers over at NREL if you want to get technical – but I’ve facilitated a couple of these workshops now (the first was in Masdar City in January; more on that in this post) so I’ll try to explain briefly what it’s about: Continue reading “Thoughts on Linked Open Data following REEEP/NREL Washington D.C. LOD workshop”

Open Energy Data – reegle at Open Knowledge Festival

Next week an interesting event takes pace in Helsinki, Finland: The Open Knowledge Festival. OKFestival will have strong focus on sustainability and the connection between Open Data and clean energy development.

The several streams that will be on-going from September 17th to 21st include:

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Open Cities
  • Open Development
  • Open Geodata
  • Open Journalism, Data Journalism
  • Open Knowledge and Sustainability

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Sharing information between clean energy knowledge brokers

Image: jscreationzs /

Sharing information on clean energy between existing knowledge brokers is crucial to avoid replication and facilitate information dissemination to a broad audience. Our clean energy info portal reegle is, as you probably know, on the forefront of the Linked Open Data movement and we are always very keen to establish new partnerships with other energy portals.

The most recent cooperations are with

More details on how we cooperate are available below – but before going into more detail I would like to thank all involved organisations and people for making this possible! Thanks!

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Successful and collaboration

 NREL and REEEP have been successfully  cooperating using Linked Open Data (LOD) principles and technologies  for several months now. Their online information platforms and use each other’s data and information to enrich both websites – for the benefit of their users.

Martin Kaltenböck from LOD2 has interviewed Jon Weers (NREL) and Florian Bauer (REEEP) and asked how this collaboration has profited them:

Question: And why are you using LOD mechanisms for this approach: where do you see the potentials and benefits of using LOD in the area of clean energy information? Continue reading “Successful and collaboration”

Linked Open Data – The Essentials (a quick start guide on LOD)

Linked Open Data - The EssentialsLinked Open Data (LOD) is a growing trend amongst governments and civil society organisations who understand that the internet now makes the entire storehouse of human knowledge available to anyone, anywhere, through access via computer or mobile device.  To reflect this new reality, many organisations are taking their existing data sets – many of which are in principle in the public domain already – and making them freely available for use and re-use by anyone. REEEP‘s clean energy info portal reegle is one of the main energy portals already using this technology, but we need more … more organisations opening up their datasets and understanding the benefits of doing this.

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reegle’s country profiles – more data for you!

Reegle’s country energy profiles now include even more relevant information for our users! Since reegle has been embracing the principles of (linked) open data, we have bee able to offer you exiting resources such as our comprehensive country energy profiles.

We already have interesting facts like energy statistics (visually presented), the policy and regulatory overview, projects outcomes, programs and local stakeholders for each and every country, but we are always on the outlook to find more details for you to dig into! We also ensure accuracy of the information by relying only on quality sources such as the UN, Word Bank or NREL (national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy). Continue reading “reegle’s country profiles – more data for you!”