Wind Power in Britain – Uncertainty about the future

Some recent news regarding the development of windpower in the UK were quite frustraing for the clean energy community – for example the the fact that  big six energy companies have pulled the plug on one of the world’s largest offshore windfarms.

After RWE shelved its £4bn Atlantic Array windfarm  warnings become louder that inconsistent messages  from the government are actually undermining efforts to raise money for the sector.

While Britain could be a world leader in wind energy it has instead  fallen to eighth place in the world in terms of wind generation capacity installed. Among EU member states it ranks ninth  in the proportion of electricity generated from wind: 4.5% compared with an EU average of 6.3%. Continue reading “Wind Power in Britain – Uncertainty about the future”

Climate Change Showdown.

REN21 is gearing up for its participation at the climate change talks in Warsaw.  While climate is not a central theme to REN21’s work, renewables should be a central element of any climate action plan.

Despite tremendous growth in renewable energy witnessed over the last decade, fossil fuels continue to be a destructive force on our environment and the chief contributor to global climate change. Fossil fuel combustion currently accounts for nearly 70 percent of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, two-thirds of which come from the energy sector. Although renewables accounted for 19 percent of global energy consumption in 2011, new estimates for CO2 emissions from traditional fossil fuels reveal a 1.4 percent increase, resulting in a record high of 31.6 gigatonnes (Gt). Continue reading “Climate Change Showdown.”