Climate services and M&E now part of reegle Tagging API

You are probably aware of our free Tagging API which is a reegle service to automatically tag your web resources that deal with clean energy and climate change issues.

In an explosively growing online world, it is critical to make large independent databases more ‘searchable.’ Tagging the information in individual documents makes them much more accessible, but the actual process of tagging documents is both time-consuming and inconsistent when done manually. On top of this, there is often no consistent set of tags to cover a specific field such as clean energy. Continue reading “Climate services and M&E now part of reegle Tagging API”

New video about the “reegle tagging API” available


Your organisation has amassed a vast, valuable storehouse of electronic documents. Unfortunately, they are not particularly well-ordered or categorized. They also lack tagging for online search-ability, so visitors to your own website have no effective way of finding and accessing the wealth of information that is already there. Or, your resources are actually organized and categorized quite well, but no two documents are cross-linked with each other. You want to offer your users a simple system that extracts particular topics  from your articles and offers definitions, synonyms and links to open resources such as Wikipedia?
We have an automated, free-to-use solution for these types of common  problems!

Reegle has developed  a free content tagging tool available to anyone who provides online resources in the clean energy field.  The reegle tagging API  automatically extracts tags from your documents and web content dealing with renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate-relevant topics in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German) . Continue reading “New video about the “reegle tagging API” available”

reegle releases free tool for automated tagging

We have a reason to celebrate at reegle this week! Finally an almost year-long project has come to a successful close!

The reegle API project for automated tagging and categorization was a collaborative project with REEEP/reegle taking the lead and three other partners contributing: OpenEI, weADAPT and IDS/Eldis. It was funded under the CDKN Innovation Fund and ran from December 2011 through October 2012.

API stands for application programming interface – meaning an interface by which software components can communicate with each other. In the case of the reegle tagging API, this means that organizations publishing online resources about climate and clean energy can use this  API for two main services: Continue reading “reegle releases free tool for automated tagging”